• Legend has it that on November 8, 1976, the Honorable Anthony M. Peccarelli wrote to Alfred P. Bianucci, a member of the Chicago Society and a resident of DuPage County, and solicited his advice in forming a local chapter in Wheaton.  Anthony DiGrazzia at that time was the president of the Justinian Society of Lawyers of Chicago and, at the urging of Fred, Anthony DiGrazzia approached the board of directors and suggested a formal authorization to establish a DuPage chapter.  The Chicago group issued a provisional charter to establish a DuPage chapter on May 23, 1977. 


    The Chicago Society directed several of its members, Fred Lambruschi, Aldo E. Botti and Alfred P. Bianucci to meet with Anthony Peccarelli to pursue organizing the DuPage chapter.  


    On October 28, 1977 an organizational meeting was held in Mr. Botti’s library with approximately twenty-five lawyers present.  Temporary officers were selected.  Anthony Peccarelli, Temporary Chairman; John (now Judge) Panegasser, Temporary Secretary; and Karen LaMont, Temporary Treasurer.  A committee chaired by Victor J. Cassato, Joe Lamonica and Aldo Botti were appointed to draft bylaws. 


    The next organizational meeting was on November 18, 1977.  At that time Fred Bianucci advised the persons assembled that the Justinian Society of Lawyers had issued a permanent charter to establish a chapter in DuPage County. At that meeting it was determined that all those who attended the next meeting, paid dues or had previously paid dues indicating an intention to be a member would be a “charter member”.  That next meeting was held of December 2, 1977.  Twenty-nine Italian lawyers attended.


    They were:


    Charles E. Anesi                       Douglas Drenk                         Roger F. Maritote

    Anthony Berardi                       Philip J.R. Equi                         Lee A. Marinaccio

    Alfred P. Bianucci                     Lyle B. Haskin                         Joseph F. Mirabella, Jr.

    Aldo E. Botti                            Karen A. Lamont                     Joseph V. Moschetti

    John P. Carbon                        Fred Lambruschi                      John Panegasser

    Victor J. Cassato                      Salvatore G. La Placa              Anthony M. Peccarelli

    Joseph P. Cesario                     Joseph M. Laraia                     Robert D. Sparacio

    Carl A. Champagne                  William McGrath                      Joseph Storto

    Carl P. Clavelli                          Dominic J. Mancini                   Douglas Trent

    Frank J. DeSalvo                       Mark D. Manetti


    At the December 2, 1977 meeting bylaws were established, Anthony M. Peccarelli was elected to serve as first president until the first Annual Meeting in May, 1978 and although the bylaws established that the president could not succeed himself in office, at the first Annual Meeting in May of 1978 by unanimous consent of the membership the non-succession provision of the bylaws was waived and Anthony M. Peccarelli was elected to serve a full one-year term.  


    In June of 1978 at the suggestion of Marianne D. Yacobellis a scholarship committee was established to consider and present law students of Italian ancestry who had completed one year of law school and were in good standing with a significant academic record, scholarships.  We have since named one  of the annual scholarships that we award in honor of Marianne.  We have provided over $40,000 in scholarships.  Judge Peccarelli, who initially chaired that committee, insisted that academic achievement be the primary consideration along with need.  I am proud to say that I have served on that committee periodically and we have carried on that same tradition. 


    In March of 1984 under the leadership and effort of Joseph M. Laraia, a charter member, past president and current member of the Executive Committee, the DuPage County Chapter initiated a St. Joseph’s Day dinner which has become an annual event and is one of the most well-attended events in DuPage County attracting not only Justinians, but their guests and prominent members of the judiciary from Cook, Lake, Kane and DuPage Counties.


    Early on we lost one of our youngest, brightest and most popular members, Ken Vincolese, to cancer.  His partner at the time, Richard Russo, a past president,  thought it a good idea to organize a ball in his honor and we have held the Annual Justinian Cancer Ball which has donated over $100,000 to various hospitals and cancer research organizations.


    Our fiscal year ends May 31 and we typically have a well-attended installation dinner for incoming presidents and officers.  Rich Caldarazzo provides the “big hammer” every year.  This event is typically held at the Glen Oak Country Club in Glen Ellyn and we are starting to see the “new face of the Justinians” as a majority of the officers, for the most part, second generation lawyers whose fathers and mentors have proudly served the DuPage Justinians in the past.


    The calendar year closes in December with the annual Christmas Party hosted by the Executive Committee.  This event is well-attended and a favorite with many in the judiciary.  We also throw the "Kickoff Cookout" each summer for members who paid their dues.   


    We are a registered charitable corporation with the state of Illinois having received our charitable charter on March 31, 2004.